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Vamos fazer uma parceira e...

promover a literacia do VOSSO impacto social

enquanto comunicamos...

o trabalho das organizações que VOCÊS apoiam



e ainda...

promovemos a consciencialização da sociedade civil!


One Cause a Day is a project that brings together two illustrators and several celebrities with social, animal and environmental NGO’s.


By creating and selling unique illustrations, postcards and other artwork, we also bring these good causes to all the people who want to give their generous contribution to the urgent action of these amazing non-profits.

In 2021, we wrote and illustrated a book that gathers 7 social and animal good causes.


Since we've already closed the sales through our website, while preparing the project for 2023, our book is for sale only in the shop Do Zero.

All the profits are donated to the 7 NGO’s we supported in 2021.

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