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Maria grew up in Brussels, where she studied at the École Européenne II. She eventually moved to Lisbon, where she graduated in Communication Design, at Fine Arts School of the University of Lisbon.

In Milan, Italy, she studied Multimedia Arts, at the Accademia di Belle Arts di Brera. Later on, in London, she did a masters in Graphic Moving Image, at the London College of Communication.

For several years, she lived in the UK’s capital, where she worked in the music industry doing music videos, animation and illustration.


Now that she’s back to her hometown, Lisbon, she is finally living close to her family and keeps doing what she loves the most, thanks to the digital world that she used to avoid!


Constantly asking herself how she could contribute for a better world, she has never stopped being involved in humanitarian projects. Her focus goes to the Promotion of Mental Health and the Fight for Children Rights.


Illustrator, Animator, Scriptwriter, Interior Designer, Art Director and Video Editor, Diana also cooks a delicious plant-based lasanha, and has a special talent for listening to music and eating French fries.


She graduated at Fine Arts School of the University of Lisbon, in Communication Design. At Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Granada, Spain, she studied illustration and animation, and at Lisbon School of Design, Interior Design.

It’s been 10 years since she started working in the Show Production field, and counting!


Currently she’s living between Portugal, Belgium and everywhere else.


For several years she was involved in Environmental Activism, being the fight of her life Animal Welfare.


Since she’s not that good at being an activist, though she insists on doing it, she finally found the best way to contribute to these causes: drawing.

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